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ZONE 00 Introduction to Comics

Published: Thursday 22 September, 2016

  • ZONE-00, there is the initial conception of nine old story time in high school, but also because such a drag, and click on the old theme. At that time, boys and girls as young people in terms of a more dark side of drug abuse problems and to aid communication, etc., and become the focus of attention, when the country will be one of your own weird charm written, with the theme of drugs, as well as most small like monsters, and the achievements of the foundation of the story.

Related translation: ZONE-00, Zero Zone, doomsday OF Love: nine Qing (nine ki ヨ)

  • Production Released: Bldg bu ro su, Kadokawa, Shang Wo, Taiwan Kadokawa Older Traditional Chinese booklet issued by the Shang Wo. The following is a calendar book information. July 1994 Volume comic booklet on sale (Cover: Nine Net Saburo, Chi Wanan I) due to the Japanese version Press Bldg su bu ro case of failure, the Chinese version of the old version can not be published in the second volume.

  • Traditional Chinese version of the new booklet issued by the Taiwan Kadokawa. The following is the calendar year Kadokawa Chinese version of book information.

  1. January 22, 2008 booklet Comics Volume 1 Offer (Cover: Nine Net Saburo, Wu Chi Wan-an)

  2. March 4, 2008 Volume 2 comics booklet on sale (Cover: two thousand, Black Rose)

  3. April 7, 2008 booklet Comics Volume 3 Offer (Cover: Benten, Cong cloud)

  4. 2008 November 15 comics booklet Volume 4 Offer (Cover: Wind firefly, wind pure) September 2, 2009 comic booklet Volume 5 for sale (Cover: Okino really Sayoko, white lily Ji) March 22, 2010 Comics booklet volume 6 Offer (cover: Arctic fox, mica)

  5. September 11, 2010 Vol. 7 comic booklet on sale (Cover: greenhouse, Sharaku)