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You can also find related information in Naruto's Naruto series

Published: Saturday 22 April, 2017

The original series Pierat Studio, directed by Hajat Date, began broadcasting in Japan every Thursday from October 3, 2002 on TV Tokyo. The series adapts the storyline of the first twenty-seven volumes of the same manga by Masashi Chisimot to 135th, with the story of the remaining episodes not described in the manga; Is invented by the scriptwriters of the series. ]The series has a total of 220 parts. The last piece was broadcast on February 8, 2007. 

Since April 29, 2009, TV Tokyo has begun the show again every Wednesday and Thursday (from the end of September 2009 only on Wednesday) in high Naruto Costumes  quality. This version bears the subtitle Šonen-hen (少年 篇, in the free version of the Boy Version) and contains new opening and closing jingles. 

In the Czech Republic, the TV series broadcast Jetix (today Disney Channel), but only in a censored and Czech-dubbed version for children, in which scenes where blood, obscene speech, smoking, etc. were cut out or noticeably poured out. Only the first 95 parts , For Jetix's other pieces seemed to be unsuitable for children. [4] She then took over the rights to the serial broadcast in the Czech Republic of Animax, which decided to broadcast the series with a new dubbing. Later it began broadcasting its sister channel Animax called AXN Sci-Fi.