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who was staying in the country of Clover

Published: Monday 13 February, 2017

Alice, who was staying in the country of Clover, moved into the past alone on another world axis. There, we were able to meet only the Nightmare, which was able to move our dreams freely, without our guide Peter White who had been there for a while. All of Diana's residents should not know Alice and start again from the first meeting. Ace and Nightmare, the young children, were able to meet Gray, the assassin, and met Jericho in the museum, or Sidney and Krista in the castle of Diamond Bayonetta Costumes
, not in Hart 's castle. At the station, she meets Joker again, but she does not remember the Joker because she has forgotten the apron season.

The production of the theater version was announced through the official site of QuinRose in 2011, and was released on July 30, 2011. This work is based on the original story, and according to the manufacturer, it can be enjoyed by those who

have played the game as well as those who have not

Staff Original QuinRose

Director Hiroaki Ohba

Supervision QuinRose

Screenplay Satsuki Kou

Original character QuinRose

Character Design Shuichi Hara

Art settings - Akihiro Hirasawa

Artistic director Michi Suzuki

Music Marie (鞠)

Animation production Asahi Production, QuinRose

Distribution Clockworks

Mac Garden Publishing

Alice in Heartland: Hoshino Soei Works, 6 volumes

Alice in Heartland My Fanatic Rabbit: Saikederiko, Vol 2

Issued by Ichi Jinsha

Alice in Joker Nara Circus and a liar game: Fujimaru Mamenosuke

Anthology Comics Fujimaru Mamenosuke Picture

Clover Nara's Alice Bloody Twins : All 1

Alice in Clover Nation Hearts Knight : All 1

Alice in Clover Nation Cheshire Cat and Waltz : All 7 books

Alice in Anniversary country ~ Watchmaker : all 1 volume

Job painting

Clover Nara's Alice Nightmare : All 1

Clover Nara's Alice Lizard Advisor Cosplay Costumes
: All 1

Alice in the Joker Country Dreams of Early Morning

Alice in the Joker Country A Dream at Midday

Alice in Joker's Country Dreams falling in the middle of the night

Illustration by Kisakina Yu

Alice in Clover Nation - Trap of white rabbit and clock device: all three volumes

Picture of Iwaki Castle (Iwaki Castle)

Alice in Clover Nation ~ Samwo Rabbit : All 1

Picture of Sakura Riko

Alice in Heartland The Head of the Hat and the Dawn of the Night : All 2

Minamoto Ichimi

Alice in Clover Nation ~ Black Lizard and bitter taste ~: all three volumes

Shigiri-kei Painting

Alice in Clover Nation: Twins Lovers: 1 Volume 1

Kodansha Bookstore In Kodansha X paper white heart label, the writer of the book is Yukiko Uozumi, and QuinRose in illustration.

Alice in Heartland The Scent of Roses

Alice in Heartland The Wind of Midnight

Alice in Heartland Memories of the Clock

Clover Nara's Alice Sweet Pain, Bitter Love

Clover Nara's Alice A Little Orange Kiss

Alice in Clover Nation The Daydream Lover

Alice in Joker Nation Mask of the Circus

Alice in Joker Country Sugary Love Stories

Alice in Joker Country My Honey Children

Alice in Heartland Sunny Day Sunday Ichijinsha Book Iris label, illustration of the book is in charge of Fumizuki Nana BioShock Infinite Costumes

Written by Komaki Momoko

Alice in Heartland Knight of Clock Device

Written by Tateyama Midori

Alice in Heartland Rose Tea Party

Alice in Clover Nation Guardian Game

Written by Shirakawa Sana

Alice in Clover Nation White Calling

Alice in Clover Nation Promise Red

Alice in Joker Nara Season of Rose

Alice in Heartland Dream Walker

Heart of Alice in the Country Riddle of Cat