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Vampire Knight Synopsis

Published: Tuesday 27 September, 2016

  • A cold snowy night, the young black master Yuki accidental encounter a vampire. In this vampire to Yukie exposing fangs of life and death moment, a pure blood called vampire Jiu Lan Shu saved her, and she asked the chairman of the black main campus (black master Yan Yan) shelter. In addition to the general black days of the Ministry of students in addition to the main school, as well as to the vampire and humans can live in harmony, co-founded by the chairman of the night with Jiu Lan Shu Department. At night, the students are very handsome good figure, but there is not hidden for the days of the students know the secret - the night of the students are all vampires.

  • Ten years later, in order to maintain the College of peace, Yukie and the same was the president of the cone with the zero birth of the Academy as the "discipline", guarding the secret. The most respected, is also very admired Jiu-ji Lan Shu, is known as the "vampire in the vampire," the pure blood vampire family in the ancestors of the Nine-Lan family, is the highest end of the vampire pyramid race one. If the pure blood bite, it will become LEVELD (who was a vampire, after a period of time because it can not afford the strength of the vampire degenerate into LEVELE). The cone as a vampire hunter zero, but unfortunately in a family misfortune was pure blood of the cherry bite casual bite. Fei cherry free to kill the zero family, took his brother Cone Health ray, zero very vampire hate (especially pure blood). Yuki to suppress zero to continue to fall, repeatedly let him suck his own blood.