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TOUKA GETTAN Story Introduction

Published: Thursday 27 October, 2016

    • By Yumiko borrowed the name of the power to create a peach in this novel characters, and then the peach as a real person. But the peach has just been born when the goddess will be replaced. St. lost all his memory Touka Gettan Costume, to the identity of the peach to survive in the name of the drowning out of the original creation.

    • The story will start from this. The main line is about the life of the East Shinto peach and ghost stems in order to prevent the source is not on the source of magic, to clean the ceremony process. Dark line is depicting the peach and peach two touching love.

    • Outcome: the outcome here should be compared with "Tao Hua month dread," the first episode. Peach restored memory, turned into a holy. And then to save the soul of Yong Yan, the three goddess chose to be stone sword killed, with stone sword disappear. On the Tianjin has not been restored to the source of peace, but the peace is peach and peach in exchange for their love. Peach and his mother by the United States after the child said goodbye, holding peach clothes, crying out of this world, leaving a ghost stalk doll body. However, the whole story of "Taohua dread" is only a novel written by Yumiko Anime Costumes, in another novel, the author arranges peach and peach at the station to meet, and to achieve love.