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The series has still contained nine parts of the core series

Published: Tuesday 21 February, 2017

Resident Evil (English for Resident Evil) is a video game series designed by Shinji Mikami and developed and published by the Japanese software company Capcom. In Japan, the series is known as Biohazard. Resident Evil - although not the founder of the genre - is considered the quintessence of survival horror.

The series has still contained nine parts of the core series, several offshoots in other genres, a series of derivatives, and other media, including a real-movie series, four computer-animated films, and comics and novels Fate/stay night Costumes
. According to Capcom, approximately 68 million copies of the series were sold worldwide by March 2016.

Most parts of the series are played in the third-person perspective and the player sees the controlled game figure from a fixed perspective without the possibility of camera adjustment. The figures move through pre-rendered environments while moving objects are realized in true 3D graphics Cosplay Costumes
. This technique was known by the great-grandfather of the survival horror genre Alone in the Dark.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica broke the first time with this display style. As with the Resident Evil 4 released in 2005, the entire event was calculated in real time. This technique allowed for the first time a more dynamic way of playing, although one had to make graphic drawbacks for it. In the fourth offshoot of the series, the focus was on action.

The Gun Survivor Games (Resident Evil: Gun Survivor, Gun Survivor 2: Code Veronica and Dead Aim) are first-person shooter with the option to connect a lightgun to the console Final Fantasy Costumes
. These less successful offshoots, for example, have sold 250,000 copies in Japan, which may make the popularity of the entire series clear.

The bonus value, above all, includes bonus bonuses, costumes and other extras.

Also mentioned are Resident Evil: Outbreak and Outbreak File # 2 for the PlayStation 2. The first supported an online game for the Japanese and the US market for the first time, the latter also for the European. (The online game servers for German Outbreak File # 2 players were closed on March 31, 2007, but the American servers were finally closed for American fans on December 31, 2007).

Pioneers of the Resident Evil series were the film and gaming version of Sweet Home, which came on the market in 1989 at the same time. In fact, the first part of Resident Evil was initially intended as a new edition, then as a sequel to Sweet Home, and was finally conceived and released as a new independent series.