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The second part of Naruto's story

Published: Thursday 13 April, 2017

 Returning to the village after his training, a mysterious organization called Akatsuki is trying to capture the nine mighty tailed beasts sealed in ninjas from different countries, including Naruto's Nine-tailed Fox. Several Congo ninjas, including Team 7, are fighting against members of the Akcatsu and are looking for Sasuke. Although they managed to save Gaara, the successor of the Unicorn Demon, Akatsi captured seven of the beasts. During this time, Sasuke handed Orochimaru and faced Itachi to complete his revenge. After Ithachi dies in the battle, Madara Uchiha, the backstage and true leader Naruto Costumes of Akatsuki, tells Sasuke that the Konoha leaders have ordered Itachi to kill his clan. Bewitched by this discovery, Sasuke joined Akatski to destroy Konoha. Meanwhile, after several members of Akatski were defeated by Konoha's ninjas, their official leader, Payne, invaded the village in an attempt to capture Naruto. However, Naruto defeats him and persuades him to leave the organization.

  Madara officially announces at a meeting of the five Kage guides of the five ninja villages at the base of the military strength of the five strongest states that he wants to capture the demons to create such a powerful illusion that he can control all mankind , In order to have a lasting peace. These villages refuse to help Naruto Costumes him because they realize that this actually means the elimination of their world - the world of the Shinobi, and they unite against him announcing the beginning of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

  Naruto goes to the island of the turtle for the purpose of training with Killer Bie. There, he takes over Kuiby, where his mother (Kushina) helps him, and so Naruto understands the truth about her parents' lives. Kisame of Akatsuki attacks them and sees where the other tailed beasts hide - Kuibi and Hachibi. Naruto, activating the Wise Form, and trying to get out of this place, sees his friends struggle with life and death to protect him and discover the war between the people, and he avoids Hachiby to stop it.