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The first part of the story of Naruto

Published: Thursday 13 April, 2017

  Naruto Uzumaki is a young boy in which Kurama (The Deep-Fat Fox Demon) is sealed. Twelve years before the beginning of the story, the Fox attacked the Conohaha Village hidden in the leaves, killing many people. In order to save Konoha from a safe devastation, the leader of the settlement and the ninjas in it - the Fourth Hokage - is sacrificed to seal the demon in Naruto on the day of his birth. The inhabitants of Konoha, however, treated Naruto as if he himself was a demon and avoided him for most of his childhood. The third Hokage, who replaced the Fourth after his death, issued a law no one Naruto Costumes mentioning the Fox's attack on Konoha. This included Naruto, who did not know about the demon within him. Years later, Naruto was tricked by the ninja traitor Mizuki to steal a scroll with banned techniques, but was stopped by his teacher, Iruka Umino. Mizuki violates the prohibition to reveal the truth about the sealing of the demon, and so Naruto learns that he is the prison for the Nine-footed Fox. When Iruka is seriously injured, defending Naruto from Mizuki, Naruto uses jutsu, which he learned from the scroll and created numerous clones of himself, the Shadow Cloning Technique, to defeat Mizuki.

  The main story follows Naruto and his colleagues from the Academy for Ninjas. Naruto is friends with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, who are in Team 7 under the supervision of talented ninja Kakashi Hatake. Like all the other teams in the village, Team 7 has to perform peasants' missions and requests, for example, to do the housework or to guard someone. After several missions, Kakashi allowed the team to take part in the Chowin exam, allowing them to gain a higher rank and participate in more difficult missions. During the exam, Orochimaru, the most wanted connoisseur of Konoha, attacked the village and killed the Third Hokage for revenge. One of the three legendary ninjas, Jirey, is Naruto Costumes tasked with finding his former teammate, Tsunade, elected to become the Fifth Hokage. During the search, it was revealed that Orochimaru wanted to attract Sasuke because of his extraordinary abilities and genetic heritage. Believing that Orochimaru could give him the power that needed revenge on his brother Itachi, who killed his entire clan, Sasuke avoided him. Tsunade sends a group of ninjas, including Naruto, to return Sasuke to Konoha, but Naruto is failing to beat him and bring him back. Naruto does not give up and leaves Konoha to train for the next two and a half years with Jireiya as a guardian who prepares him for his next meeting with Sasuke.