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Story background

Published: Monday 24 October, 2016

  • "The World" the birth of the German genius programmer Harold · repair Iraqi grams of hands. At that time he fell in love with a wealthy daughter, although the beginning is not smooth, but the daughter was finally moved. However Hack//Sign Costumes, a car accident but this had a good feeling broken. Harold Teukiuke can not afford such a blow, as a genius computer engineer, he wrote his wife during the lifetime of the narrative poem "Twilight inscriptions" modeled on the creation of a network game - "Fragment". Then he recommended the program to the then largest network operator CC, by the president of all ages. After adjusting for some of the deficiencies, CC made the program "The World" Anime Costumes, an online game, and made it to the world.

  • .hack series of stories is about the future world of online game players logged into the virtual world "The World" can not be published in the various events caused.