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ROZEN MAIDEN The old serialized plot

Published: Thursday 20 October, 2016

  • Sakura is pure, is not willing to go to school and long-term home students, keen on online shopping, like the purchase of goods within the return period after the return. One day received a letter claiming to be the artificial spirit of Holiye, the above only says "on the winding / not winding" option Rozen Maiden Costumes, driven by curiosity chose "winding", then the room There is no signature of the mysterious suitcase, which is filled with a beautiful and similar to the reality of the dolls girl.

  • When the pure use of wooden box inside the back of the switch to turn the spring, the dolls like a lifelike activity, the pure said: "My name is true red, is the fifth rosy maiden doll." , Suddenly appeared to be controlled by the mercury lamp bear dolls, in life under threat, true red requirements pure and she signed a contract to be safe and sound. Although purely helpless and totally unknown what happened Cosplay Costumes, but can only be confused to become a true red media, set the contract became the master and servant relationship.

  • And since then, one by one under the contract similar to the human and dolls appear in front of pure and true red. Called Rozen Maiden (rose girl) of the dolls fighting began.