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Pokemon Second Generation

Published: Friday 21 October, 2016

  • The second era works: gold, silver, crystal

  • The second era of the wizard treasure dream series game since the beginning of 1999 Game Boy Color game "Wizard treasure can dream of gold and silver" on sale in Japan. Games in Australia and North America in October 2000 on sale, the European version in April 2001 on sale. Similar to the previous generation Pokémon Costumes, enhance the re-plate "wizard treasure dream crystal" after the sale.

  • This generation has introduced 100 new forms of dreaming (from the beginning of Jatropha to the end of Shelby), and a total of 251 treasure dreams are available for collecting, training and playing against. New game elements include day and night systems that affect in-game events (corresponding to real-world time), Game Boy Color full use of available colors, upgraded interactive storage systems, balance and collection of spirits, and props , The introduction of two new properties (evil and steel) in order to better balance the strengths and weaknesses of each Po can dream, a new area called the city and the arbitrary choice of lead gender. Unique to the second generation, after exploring the city, players can come and explore the original Guandu place.

  • The next generation of the second generation of the side game, including the wizard can be dream of the Box Alliance Game Boy Color version of the wizard can dream of box; Nintendo 64 pet simulation game Pikachu you are good; wizard treasure dream Arena continued Nintendo GameCube 2 "; a few Nintendo E card reader-related wizard to treasure the dream of mini-game and a few treasure can dream of co-starred in the" Nintendo Star Stalker "sequel, Nintendo GameCube Game "Nintendo Star Stalker DX". "Wizard Po can dream MINI", a December 2001 sale in Japan Anime Costumes, the portable game.