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Overwatch hero type character set

Published: Tuesday 20 September, 2016

Overwatch hero type character set

Assault type

Assault Heroes is responsible for making a lot of damage hero, the goal is defined as: the enemy exploration, discovery, and

 Destroy enemy units. A total of six heroes of that type, which are hunting empty, death, Pharaoh Eagle, McRae, soldiers: 76, Genji.


Defense heroes generally have the ability to control the market and hinder the enemy's attack or strengthening fortifications. A total of six heroes of that type, namely, black lily, Tuo Biang, fortress, Shimada Hanzo, mad mouse, United States.

Heavy type

Reload hero is defined as the defense is responsible for the absorption of other injuries and broken up, it plays an important role in pushing into shock or surprise enemy choke. A total of five heroes of that type, namely Winston, Reinhardt, Charles Leah, D.VA, road rage.

Support type

Support hero can protect and reinforce allies. Treatment or add shield, enhance the damage or movement speed caused some heroes skills can also revive allies continue to fight. A total of five heroes of that type, namely Zen Tagaytay, optical orderly, angels, Lucio, Anna.


"Watch Vanguard" creative shooting and the "hero" binding, each hero has since

Weapons and skills already iconic. Game heroes from different countries, who set the style of both American comic style heroes have the country's national style.


 Skill is "Watch pioneer" heroes unique weapon, with the skills to beat his opponent to defend allies or move quickly, rational use of skills is the key to win the game.

 The most commonly used is the main weapon of automatic fire. Regardless of the player's arms are short weapons, long-range weapons

, A frost spray gun or projectile weapon, players do not need to find their ammunition, just use packed output can be maintained. Some weapons have a second attack mode, then you need to use another shooting button.

Different hero having to move or support skills are completely different, such as photons can be placed some sentry guns, and some can be used to accelerate the music, some can be used to teleport short distances. It has a lot of skills cooling time must wait a period of time after a single use can be used again.

Melee attack


Each hero can use melee attacks, melee attack is a quick short

From the attack, you do not need to consume any ammunition. You can use a melee attack to end the enemy dying or ammunition filled the gap continues to cause harm.

Finishing moves


 Ultimate skills are powerful skills, we can change the situation in the game. As the game progresses, the ultimate skill will slowly recharge when the player will get hurt recharge. As long as players do not change the hero recharge progress even after the death of the player will not disappear.