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ONE 00 Comics Origin

Published: Thursday 22 September, 2016

  • When I had to draw a communication aid, wear socks boots soaked heroine, suffered more than the current gloomy story. It was really too young ... but on doujinshi, can freely draw various comics, my basic Thoughts are "sentimental or fanatical and better!" "Love & Peace is it!" Like, also in this idea of ​​complete ZONE-00. Not the theme of love, then there is no way to draw comics, and I can not draw comics cold rationality, where the characters are not people who can not live without love.

Redrawing the new idea

  • This is a postscript! Wow wow ~ ah ~ ah ~ ~ eye hurts !!!!!! thanks for reading this ZONE-00 Episode 1 newly installed short. I am a well known (and not), no blonde can not live in nine. I can see I am very happy. Although very happy ...... but ...... do not look ah ...... although still very young at the time of the first episode Videos ...... but how can such a pretty red imaging Videos Zhizhuang story that way? Editor is said to be "fierce momentum is only just" ...... Although the idea of ​​redrawing thought about 100 times in my mind, but this is me mad drawn, so according to the old dress version of the content of the book. A trailer (like a) is, although there are a lot of odds and the actual story of place, but as it is put here. Character introduction (like a) only amended the original Mistransplant place. However, this work can be brought to light, I really appreciate it.

  • Because just a year ago (? ... Read record ...), I still want to say: "This is already finished ...... ...... ghost curse it ..... . "really care of the many people who help it! Whether thanks enough times. Really thank you !!

About the protagonist's name

  • ZONE-00 hero, or is it a central role, that is, nine net Chi Wan and two teenagers. 9 with 4, is an evil number. Then 9 + 4 13 (only recently discovered), is the number of deaths! Unlucky !! I was afraid of this type of thing, afraid to even advocated "hard to see Kadokawa horror movie people are stupid!", Do not open at night light sleep, took an early age 0 and 4 as ●●● fear the same way. Even his birthday (29) will result afraid ...... now used when the main character's name. Saying that even his own pseudonym also ...... !! retrospect, nine net name like than my own pseudonym nine even earlier thought out. My comics career is bound to live a number of fierce ah ah ...... However, nine in China seems to be the lucky number too!

  • In the West, on behalf of the king of four figures (only recently known). Although I thought that was only the ghost of comics, the main character's name also has several fierce, this cartoon is not been cursed ah? New Edition, but can be re-launched, it really is a lucky number, and the king of digital brought lucky? (Trying to subtly ending) I was using only dreamed cram themselves can not solve math problems and ridiculed by everyone, "even this issue is not ah?" Because of this nightmare and wake up thinking about the heavy head this matter. What mathematics Well! Forget it disappear! the above! !