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North Story Part III Then the preparations for this war are reve

Published: Saturday 22 April, 2017

Then the preparations for this war are revealed.The five Kage are making several assault squads, and the Madara's assistant, Kabuto, uses Edo Tensei to revive all the strong and dead men as an army + 100,000 White Zetsutta. This is how the war begins. The bad guys have a tactic: when a Zetsu fights with someone, it can turn into him and fool his allies, but Naruto has cells from which he understands who is real and who is the fake. The five Kage go to the battlefield and face the real Madara. They send Naruto to go to end the war. The lively Itachi goes with Sasuke to where the cabotum is hiding. There they defeat him and end Edo Tensei, but they can not stop the revived Madara. To learn more about the past, Sasuke calls Orochimaru from Anku's body and Oro agrees to help him. When Naruto defeats his opponents and some are from Acacia, he faces Madara-Obito and begins to fight against him and Kakashi-sensei and Guy-sensei help him. Naruto manages to master the full shape of Kubi before meeting the other Bejuts and their gingerbread. After Naruto breaks Madara's mask, it turns out that it's Obako, a Kakashi classmate. Everybody is in shock, and Obibito accuses Kakashi Naruto Costumes of Kinashi and Obi's Rin-schoolmind's death, which, according to "Obibito's true death," she is entrusted to Kakashi, but she is self-sacrificing. Madara then appears on their battlefield and joins Obi. Naruto and Killer Bey are trying to defeat Obibito and Madara Uchiha's attempt to call Jubi. But after trying to break the envelope that keeps and calls him, Jubie does not die but is called and starts to be controlled by Madara and Obito. Then the ninjas of the five great united nations face the help of destroying Jubi. Meanwhile, Sasuke, with Oracimaru's help, revives the previous 4 hockets and understands the whole truth about the Uchiha clan. He then makes his choice and, together with the hockey, goes to the battlefield. The battle begins with Jubby, and then Obi is his jinghur. Meanwhile, Madara and Hashirama (the first Hokage) fight Naruto Costumes each other. After a long battle, Naruto and his friends defeated Obi, and released the beast-beaten. Obibil understands his mistake and tries to use his rhynian to revive the fallen wars, but is deceived by the black zettwu and revives Madara completely, making it much stronger. So he becomes the jungle gingerbread and almost kills Naruto and Sasuke. As long as they are unconscious, the wisdom of the sixth way, Rikduo Senin, gives them new strength. The two started a battle against Madara, but he activated the endless tsukemi. Sasuke manages to protect only the 7 team from the Genjutsu, all the others are caught in it except for the 4 hockets. Madara is then deceived by the black zettwu, as it appears to have been created by Kagyu (the wise mother of the sixth way). Kagua uses Madara's body and begins a fight against Naruto and Sasuke, convinced that they are damaging to her world.