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Naruto Story Naruto Uzumaki the main character of the story

Published: Saturday 22 April, 2017

Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of the story, was sealed after his birth by a powerful nine-hundred-year-old demon who is in the form of a nine-footed fox. During his birth, this demon attacked List's village and, in order not to be destroyed, sealed the leader of the village - the fourth hokage - the daemon to the newly born infant Naruto. But he dies himself in this act, so his old third hokage gets back to his place. The story itself begins twelve years later, when Naruto, who grew up without a family, without friends, without love, and without knowing that a nine-hundred-year-old demon had been sealed, became a very noisy, hyperactive and somewhat problematic boy. Despite the wishes of the fourth hokage, the villagers in Naruto saw the village who had saved their village before the nine-hundred-year-old demon, the villagers were afraid, hated and avoided, seeing it as a nine-hundred-year-old demon in place of the symbol of salvation. And just to point out his existence, Naruto performs various rosters and desperately seeks recognition from others.

One day, however, Naruto learns that a nine-hundred-year-old demon has been sealed in it, and he understands why the villagers have been avoiding it for years. After completing the final examinations at the Nindzh Academy, he obtains the genin title and is assigned to perform missions to team 7 under the leadership of Kakashi Hatake, a renowned ninja permanently wearing a face mask. Kakashi belongs to the Lebed village to the ANBU units, elite ninja who are in charge of village safety. His teammates become Naruto's childish love - the energetic and rebellious Sakura Haruno who hates Naruto because of his Naruto Costumes  hyperactive nature and his biggest rival, Sasuke Uchiha, the only surviving member of the massacre of the renowned Uchiha clan, slaughtered by Sasuke's brother Itachi. After the village invades Orocimaru, a former apprentice of the third hokage, the third is dying in a duel and Sasuke is "tagged" by Orokimar's damn neck seal that activates when Sasuke is in danger. This seal gives him an inhuman power, so Sasuke leaves the village and finds Orocim himself to take him as a pupil and teach him everything he can. Oracimaru takes it with enthusiasm because, thanks to the complex technique of immortality, he has to change his body every three years and longs for the Sasuke's young body and his power from the Uchiha clan. Team 7 is falling apart. Sakura will take the newly elected fifth hokage, Cunade, also a former third-grade pupil in the Ocury team, and Naruto will accept as the disciple the Third Disciple of the Third, the pilgrim Jiriah, who is famous for his impossibility to be a famous writer Erotic books. That's why Naruto calls him a "perverse hermit", and although it's unusual in the Japanese hierarchy, it's a bullshit, and it behaves disrespectfully. Naruto does not know Naruto Costumes  that Jiriah is actually his godfather and he likes him very much, so he likes to love him a lot. Sasuke's departure from the village, and Akacuki, the mysterious organization of highly dangerous ninjas who are eager to get a nine-hundred-year-old demon inside Naruto, eventually lead Naruto to go with his teacher, Djirai, on a long journey to learn new techniques.