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Naruto Story - Approximately two and a half years later

Published: Saturday 22 April, 2017

Approximately two and a half years later, Naruto returns to Lewis back but soon finds out that most of his friends have a higher rank than he is. The Akacuki organization, which tries to get all the queens of demons for its own purposes, comes to the forefront of the story - and it is Naruto's former enemy Gaara, who has a sealed, one-time demon, become their victim. Naruto and Sakura also gained shortly after Sasuke leaves New Sheikh Village's new village colleague, a mysterious young ninja named Sai, and during a brief stay of their captain Kakashi in the hospital and the new captain Jamat. After finding out that Naruto's Naruto Costumes  natural chakra is windy, Naruto is trying to focus on improving and improving his wind techniques, more precisely trying to refine his rasengan, which is helped by Kakaši and Jamato. At the same time, he is also trying to get back from Orokomir's former team colleague, Sasuke, who is overtaken by Orocimar himself because of the fact that Orokimaru was already on the brink of the forces to recover from the technique of reincarnation to another person. Meanwhile, Jiraija goes on a mission to the Destiny Village, which claims to be the leader of Akacuki himself called Pain. There he meets his former pupils, Konan and Jahik, who, for an unknown reason, owns an almost legendary eye technique called rinnegan and is published under the name of God Paine. Džiraija tries to come to the secrets of Pain's eyes and also to what happened to Nagate - the third student he taught along with Konan and Jahik. However, there is a duel with Konan and Jahik, who is losing Jiraija, but before he dies, he can send a scrambled message to the village's village. After the death of Orocimar, Sasuke is killed by the brother of Itachi. He finally defeats him, but Naruto Costumes  Tobi, another member of Akacuki, learns that Itachi has slaughtered his clan only at the command of the Lea Village, and saved Sasuke because he simply could not kill him. Since then, Sasuke has decided to avenge Folk Village and exterminate it, which Naruto does not know yet.