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Naruto Author

Published: Wednesday 09 November, 2016

If a settlement in the Land of Fire Ninja (Jap:. 火 の 国 - Hee but Cooney) attacks nine-demon-November (. Nn: 九尾 の 妖狐 - Kyu: bi but E: co), the head of the settlement fourth Hakage demon enters the body just born a boy - Naruto. Hokage himself killed. For a long time Naruto knew he was a demon carrier. It was a mystery that was concealed from him and his peers. However, all adults know about it, afraid and did not like Naruto, believing him a demon. For this reason, the boy was alone and did not have any friends. The main dream was to become a Hokage Naruto (Ninja mainly in the country of Fire) and thus achieve respect and recognition by his fellow villagers.

In Naruto Ninja Academy deemed incapable of teaching, lazy and a bully. Soon he passes the exam and becomes a member of a team of three graduate ninja led by Kakashi houses. Soon, the main character is involved in numerous adventures.

Action manga "Naruto" is happening in the world in which the mixed features of modernity and the Japanese Middle Ages. There are many countries with monarchical control systems. States are guided by daimyo (Jap: 大名.) - Feudal princes. The most powerful country - five Great Lands Ninja. At the technical level of the world of Naruto closer to the present, but only in the domestic sphere: food, clothing, etc. There are no planes, trains, cars and other modern means of transport. In the military field use swords, knives, spears, and others. Also in the world of "Naruto" There is magic. In addition to the world's people live in manga and other sentient beings. For example the frog. But there they are quite rare. The main military power of large countries there is not an army, and relatively small settlements ninja.