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Naruto Art and guidebooks

Published: Tuesday 11 April, 2017

  Several supplementary books of the Naruto series have been released. An art book titled The Art of Naruto: Uzumaki contains illustrations from the Part I manga and was released in both Japan and the United States.[152][153] For the Part II manga, an Naruto Costumes interactive book called Paint Jump: Art of Naruto was released by Shueisha on April 4, 2008.[154] The latest art book was published on July 3, 2009, under the title Naruto with its English version released on October 26, 2010.[155][156]

  A series of guidebooks for Part I called First Official Data Book (秘伝·臨の書キャラクターオフィシャルデータBOOK Hiden: Rin no Sho Character Official Data Book?)[157] and Second Official Data Book (秘伝·闘の書キャラクターオフィシャルデータBOOK Hiden: Tō no Sho Character Official Data Book?)[158] were released only in Japan. The third databook, Character Official Data Book Hiden Sha no Sho (秘伝・者の書 ― キャラクターオフィシャルデータBOOK Hiden: Sha no Sho - Kyarakutā ofisharu dēta book?) was released on September 4, 2008, and Naruto Costumes adapted Part II from the manga.[159] These books contain character profiles, Jutsu guides, and drafts made by Kishimoto. The third book was released by Viz on January 10, 2012.[160] For the anime, a series of guidebooks called Naruto anime profiles were also released. These books contain information about the production of the anime episodes and explanations of the characters' designs.[161] On October 4, 2002, a manga fanbook was released titled Secret: Writings from the Warriors Official Fanbook (秘伝・兵の書 ― オフィシャルファンBOOK Hiden: Hei no Sho - Ofisharu fan book?).[162] Viz published it in North America on February 19, 2008, under the title Naruto: The Official Fanbook.[163] Another fanbook was released to conmemmorate the series' 10th anniversary. It includes illustrations of Naruto Uzumaki by other manga artists, a novel, Kishimoto's one-shot titled Karakuri, and an interview between Kishimoto and Yoshihiro Togashi.[164]