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MY-OTOME Synopsis

Published: Friday 07 October, 2016

  • 14-year-old Ai Lika dream palace to find the whereabouts of the mother came to the metropolis. There are a group of women called "HiME", who are dedicated to helping the royal or politicians and other powerful people, become their staff, is gorgeous and elegant social flower, the world's young girl's vision. There are incense was B HiME active figure touched, decided to become at the highest point of the "dance HiME" one.

  • Has spawned a lot of "B HiME" Galdelow Institute, is the number of girls who pinned their dreams, incense joined want to strive to enter the ranks of this college, and with the girl Nina, who acquaintance. In the lingering friendship and romance of the competition, several girls are gradually growing.