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In Germany public uniforms can not be worn as an expression of p

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

In Germany public uniforms can not be worn as an expression of political opinion. Although this offense is anchored in § 3 Assemblies Act (Assemblies Act), it applies not only to assemblies.

The front of German apples circumvents this ban by declaring it to be a street theater. In their scenic design the members are allowed to wear the typical armbands.

In the construction of the Bundeswehr after the Second World War, the compulsory citizen in uniform was regarded as a new political model.

The wearing of uniforms on passport photos is prohibited (except for service passes) in Germany. In Germany, the unauthorized wearing of a uniform as well as of clothing which is similar to or which could lead to confusion is punishable Cosplay Costumes
. This also applies to foreign uniforms and uniforms (offense according to the Criminal Code). See also: Uniformtrageerlaubnis

Under the so-called "Räuberzivil" or "univil" is meant the wearing of parts of the uniform with the bourgeois clothes. This is usually not permissible, but is often handled by mercenaries, militia and regular troops of some countries in war and crisis areas.

The abuse of a uniform by the chief of Köpenick became known.

In Austria the uniforms and uniforms of federal police and soldiers are under legal protection. It is not allowed to carry such uniforms or uniforms (badges, distinctions, etc.) in a public place, except for scenic purposes (eg film recordings or theatrical performances). Anyone who violates this can face an administrative penalty of up to 500 euros or Angel Beats!
, in the event of an irretrievability, a maximum of two weeks' imprisonment.

An official assumption under StGB is also punishable in Austria, but the wearing of a uniform is not absolutely necessary.

In Switzerland, unauthorized wearing of military uniforms is punishable under Article 331 of the Criminal Code Angel Sanctuary