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How to Know Cosplay

Published: Thursday 21 April, 2016

 Cosplay is the English abbreviation of Costume play, Japanese is ????.It uses clothing, jewelry, makeup and props to play anime, characters in the game. The people play cosplay called cosplayer.

 The narrow interpretation of cosplay is imitation, dress up the avatar of the world, also called role-playing. So the new meaning come up from the Internet, often used to describle “the people who pose certain person”.

 For example,at any occasion,an ID shows himself is an star fan of A .But the people saied words whitch hurt A.So other fans says you are a “cos”,just means you are not the fan of A.

 To some extent,the meaning of cosplay in Internet is a nagative.

 As the meaning,cosplay is the abbreviation of costume play,the act is cos,so the people play it called coser.In extent,the earliest chinese meaning of cosplay come from Tailwan,as the role-playing.but the meaning as same as the game role play game,so avoiding the same meaning the writer often use another meaning as “clothing playing”.In mordern society,it describle to use clothing, jewelry, makeup and props to play roles in anime?comic?game or musician,movie acter.From these,we can find cosplay has a big wild,in other words, where cospley,where fashion.

 The original of cosplay,raised by Nov.Takahashi,the idea come from a make-up party in San Francisco,and wrote an article whitch showed the excited in cosplay,then the cosplay action arrived in Japanese. Although the original is not in Japannese, but Japanese cosplay make a importance influence in US.Crossdressing who crosdressing by himself,we say he is not cossplay. Crossplay is not the cosdressing.Just has relationship with roler and player sex.

 crossplaying and crossdressing do not explain a person's sexual orientation. You can not judge a Crossplayer male (female) homosexual or bisexual. As life crossdressing, more or less on a person's sexual orientation hinted, but please do not assume that you may be completely wrong. Glomp Definition: an expression of congratulations or greeting hug.

 As the original of cosplay,people agree the original place is in Japannese, Of course, if this is the basis of the current cosplay idea if indeed can be concerned. But if Broadly speaking, the real birthplace of the animation cosplay is definitely located in the Western Hemisphere, the United States, and even said if you really want to explore from cosplay original form, then I can tell you without hesitation cosplay appeared in the year before the first year among several centuries! Because both the Greek worship existed around 1000 BC, or later co-authored the two great Greek epic "Iliad" and "Odyssey" of the group active in the 8th century BC, the great minstrel who are actually playing the role of others. The former lead into a later prophet, seer, successful cosplay existence of God apostles, while the latter is now the stage drama as the originator, superb cosplay of those epic deeds of heroes. In fact, cosplay and dress up the meaning to include not only refers to the appearance on the visualization of one kind, to cosplay human heart. Then continue to talk about what cosplay real birthplace - the United States.

 During the 17th century, Jesuit method successfully to make "Magic Slide" (Magic lantern) after popular movies in Europe, to the late 1930s and mice appeared American animation style certainly have a clear definition, but the real history of the first animated character played by those Cosplay is also for this period. Mickey Mouse in the United States and the world are all the rage. Walt Disney saw the opportunity to create the world's first Disneyland in 1955, and in order for the product itself for publicity and to better attract tourists, especially Walt Disney also invited employees to wear Mickey Mouse costumes for tourists or take pictures. The original group of unknown persons dressed Mickey Mouse is the real ancestor of the contemporary worldwide Cosplay behavior.

 The group was dressed in a Disneyland in a Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck and other Disney characters produced Cosplay costumes and props Walt Disney Company earlier section. After Disneyland officially established, and Walt Disney expanded the size of the props section, not only for film and television work props, but also be responsible for all work required in Disneyland Cosplay costumes. Early Cosplay costumes used with fixed shape of a "big bag", lacking of beauty and comfort, the finished product is also relatively more rough, who are prone to put on the phenomenon of shortness breath after such apparel. Even so, this time Disney Cosplay apparel production has been regarded as a certain scale.

 Contemporary the Cosplay original purpose is still shaping out of shape on a commercial rather than for consumption as now on a popular taste. The United States, or more precisely, as the Disney Contemporary Cosplay true fact, there is a very important basis, when the Disney characters who dress worn by himself and Cosplay costumes of professional production. Although today's Cosplay costumes dress up their own sewing. But as a contemporary Cosplay originator, it has a standardized and systematic organization of apparel production is a necessary condition.

 God Osamu Tezuka in 1947 franchise based on Sakai of original Red Book Comics "New Treasure Island" hard-edged, and set off a contemporary comic cartoon craze. Thus creating a whole Japanese animation, prosperity gaming market, establish the real animation, the status of the game laid a solid foundation. Just that moment, Disney kind of publicity made Cosplay event was introduced to Japan, there is animation, industry enthusiasts from the imitation, the result is a growing trend, and now has become Japan animation, industry's normal activities.

 In Japan, the earliest Cosplay appeared around in 1955, when the Cosplay merely become a dress thing among children,a quite particular dress. When many children dressed "Moonlight Mask" and "juvenile Jeter," The Japanese did not like Disneyland whitch has specialized in the production unit Cosplay costumes and line number, such as those who want to dress up and have the same animation hero costumes, then it must be good, please painter painted clothing to design drawings, and a department store or passing division tailors sewing. Today the famous game producer Hiroi prince childhood Cosplay costumes design is requested from those geisha near his home closed to a geisha street painted for him.

 After this, more crude situation has been maintained for nearly two decades until the late 1970s to the early 1980s, Japan experienced the ACG exploration and growth, this time in Japan Cosplay activities initially see the version in your mother d?jinshi convention and active improvisational atmosphere for each program ,in Preservation Society and other occasions, the latter idea was accompanied by a cartoon exhibition game conference frequent.

 In the world of science fiction, at the annual meeting in 1984 held in Los Angeles, to attend the meeting in Japanese animation home-cum-studio and Japanese Art "Studio Hard" Nobuyuki Takahashi, The Chief Executive Officer of the one a kind of self-interpretation of the role in performing arts to makeup nature and behavior of a formal system with English words "Cosplay" whitch is represented, Cosplay hence the name.+

 By the 1990s, Japanese animation and game industry successfully held a number of Comic Con and game show, this time of Japanese manga and video games companies in order to promote its own products, so got some of these men and women dressed as anime game show and comics section, the game works exhibitors play role to attract crowds. This moving can be said that the current year? Walt Disney and opened Disneyland same tricks to lead off, we can see contemporary Cosplay forming and revealed key booming by itself whitch is built on animation, about games commercial level, we can say it is a means of commercial promotions, Cosplay itself was likely to be considerable development and understanding.

 Because of this, Cosplay culture in animation, game industry become flourish and popular, but by a variety of Cosplay events to introduce the media, the Internet has a lot of information dissemination about Cosplay, so the freedom of participants surged Cosplay, and Cosplay just gradually got really and independent development, we can say to the world today Cosplay concept inherited a considerable part of the set in Japan.

 What is more,the activity for cosplay coams up.likely the make-up can see the difference clothing in common.And you can learn of the cosplay culture of clothing ,make-up and play.

 Modern cosplay generally use animation, comics, games, video games, light novels, movies, television series, special photo, idol group, occupation, historical stories to create their own social stories, or other tangible role as the goal, deliberately dressed like costumes, props, plus the match, make-up, body language, etc. And parameters to play as a human "living together" role.

 Another Cosplay mainly on non-human animals, military weapons, transportation, civil infrastructure, operating system, Web site, etc. anthropomorphic, filling in with the soul of wit, and the appropriate costumes, props, makeup, body language and other supporting to render those anthropomorphic roles, which are denominated in a common way and anthropomorphism morphological appearance.