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GIRLS BRAVO debut characters

Published: Wednesday 26 October, 2016

    • CV (seiyuu): TV version of the animated version of the game / [CDvariety girls long live] and [CDvariety girls long live 3:00 snack] TV version of the CD version of the record. When the CV is a TV version of the TV version of the game CV Girls Bravo Costumes, said the CD version of the TV did not debut or no role in the line.

    • Sasaki snow into

    • CV: Naden Asami / Sakaguchi Daisuke

    • Mizuno Higher School sophomore, the father of long-term travel, the mother in order to facilitate the care of his father also went along, the interest is fishing, very short and very slow, since childhood has been female bullying Anime Costumes, born girl allergies, as long as the girls (Or be girls touch) will play urticaria. The only exception to this is Mikhar. Once dressed as girls, called "Sato pickles." Birthday: March 31st

    • Mikhail Sona Kaneka

    • CV: Kawasumi Ayako / with the left

    • Careless from the West to the earth girl, cooking is very good, simple personality, appetite great, like to eat bananas. Trying to cure the snow into the fear of girls problems. Sometimes a look like a kind of issue "Oh" sound.