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Ghost 07 Terms Zaiphon Magic

Published: Thursday 22 September, 2016

  • Zaiphon Zaiphon is the "magic" Ghost world 07, is the ability to convert the vital energy of strong emotions in power. Generally Zaiphon is represented by words, although some people can use weapons to channel it. There are very few who have the ability to use the Zaiphon and is believed are blessed by God. The capabilities of each user are different, and in many cases, reflect their nature. The Zaiphon is usually classified into three types:

  • Zaiphon healing: People with Zaiphon healing can heal wounds or transfer your Zaiphon others. Characters using this type are Labrador, Assistant Archbishop Bastien, Ouka, and Capella.

  • Offensive Zaiphon: People with offensive Zaiphon can attack and defend. Characters using this type are Teito, Mikage, Ayanami, Hakuren, Frau and Capella.

  • Zaiphon handling: Persons with Zaiphon handling are very rare and can move objects. Castor uses this type.

  • It is possible to learn to use more than one type of Zaiphon, however there are very few who succeed.

  • There are a variety of weapons to channel Zaiphon, the most common is known as the crosier. With it you can cannalizar the Zaiphon and use it for purposes that vary by type of Zaiphon.