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Fve great nations join forces against Akacuki and an Alliance of

Published: Saturday 22 April, 2017

The war begins. All five great nations join forces against Akacuki and an Alliance of Five Villages emerges. But Naruto does not know about the war, because war is mainly used to protect it. But when they know about it, definitely get involved in the fight. That's what Cunade wants to prevent and the current raikage. But Naruto convinces them of their importance on the battlefield. The five kagas in the meantime face the revived Madar Uchih, who almost kills them all and helps his partner to the mysterious Tobi. However, in the Tobi Naruto Costumes and Narute battles, it turns out that the one who has been acting around Tobi all the time is Obito Uchiha, Kakaši's ex-boyfriend, who allegedly died in the third major Ninja war. Obit and Madar, however, eventually succeed in provoking a ten-hundred-year-old demon to be a means of conquering the world. However, the ten-year-old can not be overcome so quickly. Some of the main characters, such as Nedzi, Inoiči or Šikaku, will die during attempts to destroy it. Naruto sinks despair from which Hinata finally pulls him off. Both are about to destroy the ten-hundred-year-old demon with the rest of the army.