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Published: Monday 26 September, 2016

Seven Ridges (Seven Ridges)

  • Voice actor: Shimazaki Shinzo / primary period: Song Yuanhui

  • Height: 175cm / sixth grade elementary school: 145cm

  • Weight: 63kg / sixth grade elementary school: 38kg

  • Birthday: June 30th

  • Rock Kite High School sophomore → third grader, vice minister of swimming, specializing in freestyle (Jie swimming).

  • And real piano is playing together from a friend, facial paralysis and silent, rarely show their emotions, but as soon as I hear the "swimming pool" the word will appear a pair of heart looks like. Compared to the outcome, more purely like swimming, do not care about their own time record. Like all about swimming, the water has some dedication. Often in the water alone meditation, or even sleep when you have to soak in the water, showing a strong power of silence, a variety of charm for a lot of people feel. Almost no interest in things other than swimming, but in fact very concerned about the idea of ​​a friend. Often called himself a small remote who said, "So do not add small." Because of junior high school won the cold and felt hurt him, because of guilt will quit the junior middle school swimming department.

Orange real piano (orange real piano)

  • Voice actor: Suzuki Daewoo / primary period: snow field in May

  • Height: 183cm / sixth grade elementary school: 151cm

  • Weight: 73kg / sixth grade elementary school: 42kg

  • Birthday: November 17th

  • Rock Kite High School sophomore → third grader, swimming minister, specializing in backstroke.

  • Good at caring for others. Like to contact with people, can talk with anyone cordial. Usually, although the character is safe, but the swimming style is relatively brutal force system. With its strong physique disproportionate timid side, very afraid of terrorist things. And away is a childhood playmate. Will be for others to think deeply, especially the things of terror. Usually standing when the hands hold the chest, the action that alert and protect themselves.