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Published: Thursday 27 October, 2016

    • Peros powerful empire in the spread of the blood curse, disintegrated. Over time, the descendants greedy ambitious empire Dungeon Fighter Accessories, on the revival of the empire in the name of the establishment of a new dynasty, namely de los empire.

    • Los empire Gulf method for the community, divided into north and south sides. The capital is located south golden curtain Tarantino.

    • Although this is a centralized state ruled by the emperor, but because of the partition of North and South regions, two very different atmosphere. Compared to the strict military management of the southern and northern people are more open and lively.

    • Nevertheless, the cohesion between them is very strong Cosplay Prop, once in danger, the people of both places gather outside. This is largely due to the empire itself has a national pride and sense of mission.