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DRAGON BALL Z creative background

Published: Thursday 22 September, 2016

Source of inspiration

  • Before the start there are many serial story twists and turns. Toriyama Bird Island and the person in charge Kazuhiko believe there was serialized in a spoof of the end, then it works "Dr. su ra nn pu" As already run out of inspiration ready to end the serial, but it can not easily end this popular works, the end of the serial 3 If you start a new serial, then even if the resignation would have no problem months later, he accepted the conditions, so they in the serial "Dr. su ra nn pu", but also began to draw from the 1, then on the end of the two works "riding Long juvenile (semantic nn ボ ー ド Getting イ) "and" Suites nn pu ー big risk hard to pass, "and two works established the" Dragon Ball "theme

  • The work at the initial stage of use of the "Journey to the West" in the elements at the same time, 'collect beads "The idea is borrowed from" South Cong Eight Samurai vale "this work, but the Eight Samurai in the 7 to 8 beads stars. The title is borrowed from Bruce Lee movie "Enter the Dragon." So fixed initial framework of the work.

  • It had originally intended to follow Toriyama version of "Journey to the West" to develop the story, but the editor responsible for Bird Island Kazuhiko that "Journey to the West itself, so now there is no difference," responded more lukewarm. Thus, in the second draft added modern style of clothing, the third draft had been with the real "Dragon Ball" is very similar to the end, leaving only a few bridges Journey to the hero's name and character design, as well as the initial sections and articles.

Serial whole story

  • In five consecutive comprehensive color began serialization in the works, at the beginning and there is no sentiment, originally, had been looking forward to a lot of people, but gradually decline in popularity ranking on the questionnaire also dropped to 15 later. Head of Bird Island commenters said that "the main character too common, so it is not popular," after Akira Toriyama, using a "single-minded pursuit of a strong lead" as the theme of creation. Thus the idea of ​​expansion, will weaken the supporting cast, in order to modify the results show, he created a world Budokai, established the status of the protagonist of the Monkey King, work speed increased popularity. At the same time, Japan's Fuji TV also come Shueisha discuss issues concerning the production of television animation.

  • Akira Toriyama himself originally Goku and Piccolo in the tournaments will determine the winner after holding the idea of ​​the end of the story, but for the overwhelming popular support for the readership survey, so the end of the serial case newsroom is not so simple agreed, we had to be continued. Felisaz articles to be getting better and more popular boiling, won 815 votes in the "Weekly Shonen JUMP" of 1000 votes in the survey was held. Economic effects are also the same, since the translation and cartoons broadcast to overseas distribution, not only in Japan, but also to expand the visibility to the world. One example is a card game that Works "one then ka semantic inter su ra nn ボ ド シ Hikaru an have zu" As of 1995, sold more than 2 billion, setting a record. If the end of the serial, it is not only the issue number JUMP will be directly affected, including the publisher Shueisha, including, in the integrated media effect center manufacturers such as Bandai, Fuji TV, Toei Animation, and other various commercial activities and the work each company's performance and share price will be a huge impact, taking into account the possibility of the formation of a serialized end impossible situation.

  • About the end of the work, although it is by a strong desire to Akira Toriyama individuals, but in the end it is the result of various affiliated companies held a parent meeting to adjust, as well as the leaders of the company operating conditions to judge the respective associated company's stock price, performance and other losses to a minimum range of other kinds of preparation under consideration and, finally able to achieve serialized end, forming an unheard of situation. After that, Akira Toriyama against Majin Buu article said, "This part of the story has become disgusted with myself even the author of the continuous fierce fighting hard, and now I have become the Old Man had high blood pressure, has not draw such a fight. more is better to say that the future will not want to draw cartoons about fighting. "before the start Buu articles, Toriyama had an appointment with the article unfinished Buu Shueisha ended serialized, then Hori editor Jiang Xinyan later learned it.

  • In this context, the work became a serial 10 and a half years of a long-term serial works. Nor informed in advance at the end of the serial, the last words are also the Monkey King will continue to the end of the adventure.