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Death Note Short

Published: Wednesday 12 October, 2016

  • Death Stream grams will be lost after the death note, was 13-year-old high school students mirror Taro picked up, use it as a diary. Inadvertently killed five bully his classmates, and believe that the notes are true. The frightened mirror Taro uses the death of the eraser to erase the name on the note, making five people resurrected. Investigation of the matter of the two police officers learned of the five resurrection, rushed to the school inquiry, but with the resurrection of five people were killed. Mirror Taro asked drunk, found another gram of the notes lost, and think of the same five people were bullied and asked by the police Miura. Finally, Mirror Taro find Miura, using an eraser to erase the names of seven people dead, and then the second note to the resurrection of the two police officers. In front of the police, Mirror Taro Miura kill themselves as an experiment, and then erase the name with an eraser resurrection, so that the police believe. Then, the four burned the notes, and has been a secret. 7 years later, mirror Tairo grown up, always keep the first notes, and the story of the death note as a novel published.

  • Serial version

  • Death stream grams because tired of life of death circles, deliberately a death note discarded in the world. The same high-school students who are tired of human life, after picking up the death note, are determined to take the power of the notes to eradicate the criminals and to establish a crime-free crime, because the test subject dies and encounters a nemesis of the notes. World, and become the new world of God. And then to "Kina" identity sanctions criminals, resulting in a large number of criminals died of heart paralysis regardless of nationality, became ICPO at the meeting. The mysterious detective L asserts that this is a large number of homicides, announcing that it has started investigating, requesting ICPO assistance and setting up investigation headquarters in Japan with the police. In the L survey, it was determined that Kilina lived in the Kanto and challenged it. Challenged by the L, the night of God that L will be his new world to create a stumbling block on the road, and accept the challenge and start with them.