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Cosplay in United States

Published: Saturday 23 April, 2016

  •  Since 17th century, AthanasiusKircher producted “magic light”,atimated film become necessary.The magic light become popular in Europe in the later century.Since the end of 20th century the popularity mouse came up,the atimated film definition be sure in US,and the first atimated cosplay presented in this time.Of course,following the mouse become popular in the US. Walter Elias Disney builded the first Disneyland Park.For the broadcast and passenges,staff wear mouse costumes for passenges to take photoes with.So the “mouse” can be original ing the world.Also we can see the apper of Disney just for the business not for the fashion shopping.Acctualy,there is a important gist just the staff who wear the mouse costumes.Although the most costume sewed by themselves,but for the original of Disney,The system of costume is very necessary.

  •  Initially, the group dress up Mickey Mouse in Disneyland, Bruce drag, Goofy, Donald Duck and other Disney characters ,and is Walter? Disney previously props department. after the park was established, Disney expanded the size of the props section, in addition to making props for the film and television work, but also responsible for all work required in Paradise COSPLAY clothing. Of course, these early COSPLAY costumes have only a fixed shape "big bag", not the beauty at all. But no matter how to say, respecting time is concerned, this time Disney COSPLAY production has been regarded as a certain scale.