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Cosplay In Korean

Published: Monday 25 April, 2016

  •  A grand event game will be opened on July 31, 2009 in South Korean: there will be a Japan's leading game cosplayer cosplay visiting the 2009 International Game Festival. 2009 International cosplay Carnival Game is organized by the Korean Association and Korean characters Designers Association and together with the Korean game cosplay event.

  • 2009 International cosplay Carnival Game will be hold during July 31, 2009 to August 2, 2009. The venue located in Seoul Samsung-dong COEX.

  • 2009 International Game cosplay Carnival will use a variety of game characters to perform and in order to improve recognition and understanding of the extent of tourists to participate in the game works, you can watch the game living debut in the role and cosplay items such as activities .

  • In visiting Korea 2009 International Carnival game cosplay the total of Japanese cosplayer is seven people, who are well-known Japanese cosplayer.

  • In recent cosplay,the photoes are put into arguing talking part.espacially for the photoes,After previous activities,there were illegal behaviors,so about these situation,Apart from the photoes should be obtained by themselves,also hope them be careful.

  • In addition,the 99% female are in danger,so you should note those people stay in your sides weather take cenima or not. And the person whose lens direction is not right, but with time passing, cosplayer itself may be flawless in exhaustive activities, taking into account in every aspects, so the cosplay dress is also very important to prepare foolproof.

  • Basically, the easiest way is to avoid the too sexy roles, but if cos need or interest, and also hope to prepare in advance to cosplay perfectly, so even being shoted, they do not see any dangerous shots, but also just the cosplayer final protection.

  • In fact, since the source management group are boys, glass incense does not appear in the venue, so I can not give advice, the following methods are received from female cosplayer friends, I hope to cos more dangerous role of women cosplayer , understand the use of the following items, if any additional supplemental place, please tell the webmaster Email or message in the message board.