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Cosplay In Japan

Published: Sunday 24 April, 2016

  1.  Now in Janpan,because the sakanaction of Tezuka Osamu appeared,become fashionable in that time.Causing the business boom in anime and game market .So as to establish a real animation in Japan, the status of the game laid a solid foundation. The first three decades of Showa COSPLAY appears in this period (1955 AD), it was called COSPLAY where children are playing between. Just remember the year when the "Moonlight Mask" and "juvenile Jeter" in Japan Praised playback year, so many children at the time see the hero COSPLAY about these two works. Although this case is COSPLAY stuff among children, but need pay attention to clothing, of course, the premise is to have money. The Japanese COSPLAY do not have special clothing shop, if you want children play with the same animation hero costume, then it must be asked people to draw a good design drawings, and then go to the department store asked people to sew. Today the famous game producer Hiroi prince childhood COSPLAY clothing design is requested from those geisha near his home close to a geisha street painted for himself. After this more crude situation has been maintained for nearly two decades, until the early 1970s, not only Japanese anime, but also the game has gone through exploration and growth, as animation, COSPLAY culture only gradually got really development, it can be said today of COSPLAY concept is fully inherited in Japan at that time.

  2.  In 19th century,although Japannese cosplay devoloped in older,they still did not hold a acturely activity for cosplay.Now cosplay attashed in anime and game .The same people who have the same interested,and for their same creation,then called “the same people”also said,who have the same interests,and pay the money to panished their works.Owing to the anime and vedio game popularity,many good production works become popular among people ,in order to recruit members (the first sector doujinshi that will be started in December 1975, it was just one of only 32 organizations participated, small doujinshi attendance of 600 people is sold ,but in the 1980s it would be two to three times a year in the large market, the members of the community have to dress up as anime characters in the game to attract enthusiasts to visit booth, in Japan this phenomenon is called "Mother edition watch." So this trend as a general explosion among enthusiasts quickly caused a trend of people joining the ranks of the rapid growth COSPLAY, and later its degree of popularity will be comparable.

  3.  Experience the young of 60 or 70,and the new creation of 80 years,the cosplay of 90 years become ripe,and go to the right path and also become a scale anime and game culture.In 90s Japanese animation, game industry successfully held a number of Comic-Con and game show, Japanese manga and video games companies in order to promote its own products, some of them recruited into COSPLAY animation in these games and comics sections in order to show the game role and attract exhibitors crowd. This move can be said Walter? Disney opened Disneyland in the same time, we can see that the key to forming and development COSPLAY is built on animation, games commercial level, we can say exactly what will a business promotional tool on, COSPLAY may have made great progress and understanding.