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Cosplay In China

Published: Monday 25 April, 2016

  1.  It was later that the cosplay came into China,the first cosplay is in 1995-8-27 in Tailwan.Located in SAGAWORLD first floor and the scale was not big and the most characters are the vedio gamer.In 1996-10-13, the panda resturant held a party also for the broadcasting and also the knowed people were so many,but the scale was also small.This situation continued to the middle of 1997-2,also held three activities,the people of cosplay become more and more and become the specific feature of tailwan cosplay.And after this the Tailwan cosplay trend raised qucikly, The venue also from the south to the northern part about the phenomenon, the extent of the popularity of Taiwan COSPLAY activities can be seen in a group.

  2.  And the time cosplay appered seems to be earlier than Taiwan, it was reported that the first is in 1993, Hong Kong will have its own cosplay. Then Hong Kong will generally colleagues in society whitch are held every year by the then Hong Kong arts festival venue also for the exhibitions and sales, and the year named "four hundred feet," the organization's colleagues put "Galaxy heroes" in Confederate uniforms appeared at the venue, this group of people became Hong Kong's first cosplayer. The following year the same venue played the same allies, but this time they brought another group named "UVRZ" and the community of colleagues together playing role-playing. Those "UVRZ" female members wear women's Japanese costumes to pray for the visitors scene. The "Four hundred feet of 1995," played a "mobile police" role, while in "UVRZ" a named ACG played the role at the beginning of the year, such as "Ranma 1/2" in Ukyo or "my Eros "in Beru Dundee. In the beginning of the "Four hundred feet," Societies do not begin to retire any of the cosplay, but at the same time the rest of the community is beginning to let colleagues play dressing up, the number of Hong Kong cosplay community has climbed straight up. Shortly after this, the first doujinshi will be made in Hong Kong "UVRZ", "Comic Babies" and "Fire Dog House" joined to run (but only once, followed by Hong Kong and never had a star ), and also the course expanded COSPLAY influence in Hong Kong.

  3.  Because recently the influential Association of Hong Kong comics began in 1998 July 30 to August 3,it held the first truly anime convention that belongs to comic book fans, when the entrance fee is 25 dollars.This exhibition the most popular cosplay begains again, many people played Iori and Kusanagi fighting and other characters in the game. And the Hong Kong first cosplay contest - "FUNFUN Fashion contest" was a champion dressed as "Tradition" in the Gandharvas king girl. After this SE Corporation, TG Square and the Hong Kong art supplies specialized centers in 98 years on August 30. Mongkok Macpherson Indoor Stadium for the first time by organized ComicWorld. And for the first time they divided into a "dress for photographic zone" to facilitate the participation of people and take pictures. What surprised us was even at that time cosplay has already been started from "Inuyasha" again! .In the ensuing recent years, an exhibition between the University community have gradually started to emerge Tau Kok, Hong Kong has become another active site cosplay community.

  4.  In contrast of continent cosplay was later, until 1998, the country launched the Man Shows some sporadic spontaneous personal cosplay, and before that there is no certain amount of doujinshi sales. So that is cosplay, surprising the number is also very rare. But due to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and three mature cosplay, cosplay continent to rapid and stable growth, and in August 2000 in mainland China successfully held the first session of the cosplay contest. In the subsequent year, Huayi company helped with its enormous influence in online games, the main product "Stone Age" label offer "stone 2001 Best cosplay contest." At the same time in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing and other regions in the past few years ,the frequent start-Man also show exhibition colleagues, today cosplay also has a certain degree of scale.

  5.  Since the penetration of the continent in game and the impact of foreign animation in  recent years, more people began to like cosplay, cosplay online now become various and easy to sight. ("Paladin" series was imitated in many domestic cosplayerr. And also foreign animation and game, such as "Naruto", "Death," "Inuyasha", "rebellious Lulu repair", "Prince of Tennis" Wait).

  6. Now the under age also can take part in the cosplay.