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Background set Overwatch

Published: Tuesday 20 September, 2016

Background set Overwatch (Ovewatch Cosplay)

  • The origin of the crisis

 Early 2020s, designed by humans to create artificial intelligence machine (referred to as Chi mechanical), which aims to enhance production and create the world's economic prosperity. However, the unbelievable happened, Chilean armed becomes malevolent and began mass production of military robots trying to destroy mankind.

 Governments failed to stop the attack of Intelligent Machines, and therefore the United Nations to create an international peacekeeping organization, to rebellion against intelligent machines. Brings together the world's best and elite organization is named "Overwatch", which will focus on the strength of the robot army launched an asymmetrical war.

 The initial Overwatch team are: soldiers from Germany Reinhard Wilhelm, Sweden weapons engineer Tuobi Ang Lindh Holm, two American soldiers reinforced the test - the military close friends - Gabriel · Laiye Si (death) and Jack Morrison (76 soldiers), Liao and Anna (Pharaoh Eagle's mother).

Overwatch Laiye Si was elected leader, but in fact this is actually the title of titular leader, Morrison running for everyone to become a formidable fighting team.

 Chilean armed crisis continued for many years, an adaptive marine robot killed a large number of Indian people, ravaged Australia, almost destroyed Siberia and the Korean peninsula. But despite extremely difficult, Overwatch also achieved some victories.

 Russians defeated and closed their Intelligence Center, South Korea sent a gaming pros, including world champion D.Va, they are a new mech suit against marine robot. Crisis caused heavy casualties and losses on both sides, humans win the final victory, thanks in large part Overwatch.

 In the end Houmolisen crisis was promoted to commander of Overwatch, Laiye Si is responsible for the "Shadow Catcher" - a secret lurking in the shadows of Action, and that the organization is not expressly restricted official.

  With the passage of time, resources and energy to master Overwatch growing organization to recruit more members and organize the assault transformed into a worldwide peacekeeping organizations, a number of talented people to join the Overwatch.

  • Team Destruction

 While the rest of the world situation worse, but worst of all the charges against Overwatch. Their negligence caused the failure of mismanagement, corruption and high security level tasks, weapons storage loss, human rights are violated and "Shadow Catcher" secret segment is disclosed. Governments asked the United Nations to close the "repeated more than harm national sovereignty," the organization. Aggravated public distrust, and soon once Overwatch heroes became the target of suspicion and hatred, the United Nations set up a committee to investigate these allegations.

 Commission of inquiry eventually led to the dismantling of Overwatch, but before the shocking incident occurred. Mainly in the Lai Yesi allegations and Morrison who, after Morrison promotion, the two men never talked to, and this allows them to investigate allegations feud reached a critical point.

 2042 "Petra" Overwatch decree in any form is illegal action and will be charged. Overwatch intelligent crisis is over 20 years after the dissolution.

 Overwatch after the dissolution of its members chose a different way. Like many portraits McRae became mercenaries, angels and Reinhardt to continue their heroic struggle, while others, like Winston, as wait for the return of the heroes, black lily is still alive; road rage and mad mouse in the world within the scope of crime; Shimada crime family still retains its strength in Japan (although heirs Hanzo left); a gentle defensive fortress robot wandering in the world; Jack Morrison, now a self-proclaimed guardians of masked soldiers: 76, from the original Overwatch to steal a weapon for killing his enemies blocking roads; Laiye Si became a terrible killer of death, and to hunt and kill Overwatch former members.

  • Return again

 After Overwatch was disbanded in Russia broke out in the second Chilean armed crisis, and led to the death of the "black claw" organized hunt and kill members of the former guard and the vanguard aimed at maintaining a harmonious relationship between humans and intelligent machines and robots, black Winston claw invaded the base, almost stole data on former members of the Overwatch, in this case, regardless of Winston "Petra" decree and reconvened Overwatch members.