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Angel Beats!

Published: Thursday 13 October, 2016

  • July 7, 2009, "Electric G's magazine" (July 2009 issue) published "Angel Beats!" Decision TV animation of the news, by the Key agency writer script writer, lyricist, composer big devil Ma Zhizhun Series of composition and music creation; works of the original set by the "Little Busters!" And other works of the original artist Na-Ga as, designed for about 30 debut role; animation production by the production "True tears", "CANAAN" and other works of PAWORKS.

  • The theme of the work revolves around "life" to the world after the death of the stage, tells the story against the fate of the boys and girls. (Although the fighting elements of Aspect, but the fighting will not let the characters disappear, it will not let them hurt, when the characters in the drama after the death of regret after the completion of their lives Will be released, is the so-called reincarnation, so the work center is around its manifestation of human nature) is its wonderful Aspect.