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AKB0048 River Forest Masaharu Japanese animation directed

Published: Wednesday 21 September, 2016

  • AKB0048 "is the reality of large Japanese female idol group AKB48 themed animated series. In April 2012 began the broadcasting of television animation. In the second quarter of TV animation "AKB0048 Next Stage" on January 5, 2013 to start playing.

  • "AKB0048" is a created by the "SF" × "idol (song)" × "Mechanical deformation" This new Division of River Forest Masaharu supervision consul global, near-future universe for the stage SF animation. A legend had appeared before the destruction of Earth in the idol group "AKB48", followed the "AKB48" name and inherits their soul "AKB0048" Article 77 9 Graduate forcibly broke into a wide variety of the planet, they sent the guerrilla-style live performances. This description from "Idol show to see" development "Idol you sent show" evolutionary process.

In the not too distant future, human civilization is highly developed, the colonization is no longer

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 fantasy. However, relatively highly developed science and technology, the entertainment industry has been unprecedented repression. Arts activities are considered to have adverse effects and corrosion confuse people rather prohibited by the authorities. Fortunately, the desire is still germinating seeds entertainment, volunteer group called AKB0048 idol for all Stars blue flowers people sent joy and dreams, they withstand the pressure of the authorities holding an illegal concert, and the first open call for 77 graduate students. By idol appeal, the Palace Nagi sand (Karen Iwata dubbing), garden Chie management (Mayu Watanabe dubbing), Lam Tin texture tone (Sayaka Nakaya dubbing), a Friends of the song (Amina Satō dubbing) and other full of youthful dreams of girls have been Sign up.

Break through layers of limitations authorities and one and a selection of the test, the girl's dream can be achieved