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After the death of Itachi, Pain goes to the Village Village to c

Published: Saturday 22 April, 2017

After the death of Itachi, Pain goes to the Village Village to catch Naruto and personally extract the nine-hundred-year-old demon from his body. His vast powers, drawing on the almost legendary ophthalmic technique of the rinnegan, will use six spheres to destroy almost the entire Lewish village to find and defeat Naruto. Naruto, however, uses the new technique of the Sendzuk to defeat all the spheres and gradually defeats Pain and Konan to talk to them about Jirai and the question of peace. Through Pain's story it turns out Naruto Costumes  that Pain alone is not Jahiko, but Nagato, who used Jahik's body only as one of his six spheres. Naruto will gradually succeed in convincing Nagat that he will not achieve absolute peace by destroying and killing. Nagato then sacrifices his life to revive all fallen during the village's destruction. By this act, Naruto becomes the hero of a village.

Tobi, who starts publicly as a legendary ninja Madara Uchiha, after the death of Nagata, comes along with Sasuke on the five-kings' party to declare the Fourth World War of ninjas in order to win all the bargains, to revive the original ten-year-old demon and to create an idealized world without wars and violence . Naruto is therefore leaving the turtle island to practice the control of the nine-hundred-year-old demon along with the host of the eight-eyed demon, Killer Beem. During the fight he meets his dead mother, Kushina, who Naruto Costumes  tells him the story of what happened 16 years ago. Just before the war, the mysterious Tobi Konan visits, because she only knows where Nagat's rinnegan is. As Konan left Nagat's death Akacuki, he refuses to cooperate with Tobi and attempts to destroy him with the use of billions of explosive petals, but Tobi survives through the forbidden Technique of Uchiha, and Konan gets the necessary information and kills her.