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About Cos Role Process

Published: Monday 25 April, 2016

 First, exhort everyone, no matter what role cos, bestly to wear a cotton clothes, so you can completely avoid the so-called "Infrared Focus" photographic equipment and put in on the action, it is best to avoid falling easily of the exposure operation, and to avoid some of the more sensational action. There are the emergence people of specialized shooting important parts of women in the venue .And avoid these actions also give yourself more protection.

Safety pants: This is very easy to buy, from the appearance of speaking like a normal panty simple, there are many kinds of color can play a role in accordance with the next to buy, the main use is in addition to underwear, the multi-layer protection.

 Chest paste: This looks like two round of tape, basically attached to the chest, the last line of defense to protect the upper body, chest paste when to take probably a half, and the main purpose is the most dangerous to the upper body the part of the block, if the people from the heart than the odd angle, or negligence when the pendulum motion of the upper body out of his own clothes, can be remedied.

  • Suitable for: low-cut, or less roles Tops

 Some people again cos strapless or vacated role back, since fear of people see the color of the strap, undermining the entire look of feeling, and adventure do not wear underwear, which is "very: transparent shoulder strap (underwear) dangerous "action. As many Costumes are doing their own hands, or extra custom-made, sometimes not so fit and strong at the venue crowded situation, there is no guarantee something unexpected will happen, and therefore risky behavior above, with transparent straps underwear, you can prevent (such protective effect is chest paste it better), according to the friend said, there are transparent lace behind the kind of role for cos back empty, really helpful ( a friend added, it is best not to wear no shoulder strap underwear, some action is still very dangerous) also have a special transparent straps, shoulder straps that have no role, then you can use to prevent the clothes will not fall down.

Suitable for: strapless, back empty role.

Flesh-colored tights: Compared to the above, several protective measures, this is the safest, since almost the entire wrap, it is said to take pictures and results will not be too obvious, so the clothes cos scale more able to make a major concession.

  • Suitable for: not an ordinary common sense cos clothes, exposed skin high degree of clothes.

  • Swimwear: features and tights almost.

 Tapes (double-sided adhesive): This can be said cosplay essential goods, not only at the clothes, broken equipment can make an emergency remedy to protect themselves on, it is also necessary.

As an unofficial nature of entertainment, whether it is in Japan, China or Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions, their participation is essentially no restrictions. As long as you own cosplay costumes, they can participate as individuals or associations in all kinds of exhibition and cosplay activities.

Because cosplay role is not limited, it is generally in front of the exhibition, the first people picking from a variety of ACG magazines want their own role, and then began to collect intelligence and information on a wide variety of this role. For example, they need to investigate things about the role of costumes, props, and so the image features. Then you should ready to dress up, but the specific methods of operation have been described previously.

Until this day you will be able to carry out happily ran to the venue, to participate in cosplay performances go.

What brought in the end of cosplay is difficult to say , after all, everything has its two sides. From the point of view of laymen cosplay this activity is a waste of resources nota meaningful economic activity. In Taiwan remember to get together because the media do not understand what the real event caused a reported error occurred. So for those cosplayer, they actually got something?

 In fact, just as I described in the foregoing, the real cosplay is not just dress up in the outer, the main thing is interchangeable soul. Just thinking, in such a competitive urban society, everyone will not ring true because of their work or study on a bear with a wide range of pressure and confusion. If at this time be able to put aside these, cos their own, it would be on the self-liberation of the vast majority of one kind of stress? The relaxed mood, by mutual conversion role to relieve himself, so that not only want to cosplay Bureau but also is positioned in or on the role of being the ACG. Everyone in the community has played a different role of their own, Well, every real-life human beings must have their own distress, today you are a poverty-stricken beggars or, wealthy tycoons, it is all have their own troubles. The so-called ACG figures in the real world by the existence of cosplay have no need to worry, those who borrow from the cosplay characters into ACG, can be obtained relieve spiritual, and a temporary escape from reality temporarily can change from schools. Even ACG ceremonies passed, and still have to face the reality, but later can feel the joy and escapism painful in sense of relief but it can make yourself more confident and more aggressive look.

 We do not know how many people have the heart in such a beautiful word. I think there have been countless childhood dreams and some realized, some are still so far away. But then I thought is it not cosplay thing can be done? Cosing your own childhood dream, though this we did not change anything in terms of reality, however, their body and mind will get instant relief and satisfaction. To cosplay it, such an attempt might make you live more younger.

Cosplay is also born to gather cosplayer, it is mainly gathered cosplayer prepared for the show. Cosplay activities also varied: house dance, cartoon theme song and other performances, charity auction, the transfer of second-hand clothing props, fun games, take pictures, hand-done show, poster, cosplayer dress to show the role of personality action and so on. There will be many businesses sell many articles about animation, anime fans and other fun events, cosplayer stage show, but also for animation enthusiasts, cosplayer welfare exhibition.