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About Black Butler information

Published: Tuesday 26 April, 2016

•        Black Butler was adapted from the Mike Henry of TobosoYana and as the same name, a movie whitch was directed by Kentarô Ôtani and Kei'ichi Sato,wrote by Wikipedia,and acted by Hiro Mizushima,Ayame Goriki,Mizuki Yamamoto,Yuka and Takuro Ohno,it was also a suspense movie and screened on 2014-1-18 in Japan.The film tells the story about the Butler named Sebastian -Michaelis takes care of 12-year-old aristocrat Ciel Phantomhive.

•        The Butler Sebastian (protraied by Hiro Mizushima) is a man that although the character is alittle bad, whether knowledge, strength, temperament, looks and even all aspects are perfect. As an almight bulter, he belongs to the magic bee family Vendome who has larges of enterprises, and  surrounds the young commander earl HuanFengqingxuan (protraied by Ayame Goriki)all the time.Qingxuan is a girl called Xili, ten years ago, when she inherited the earl, she sealed her identity as a woman for some reasons, he always in young man image of people with a painful mind. He are often opposed to Sebastian, but they still created the only and strongest "master-slave” relationship,and even used the life to care each other. On the other hand, the magic bee family as the "Queen watchdog" role from generation to generation, and personally dealed with the pile secret transactions whitch can not be made public. One day, the Qingquan and Sebastian received the queen's command and initiate to investigate an embassy official about the truth of "serial mummification mysterious death event", after which they found the mysterious Tarot cards in the scene. At the same time,the girls disappeared event happened in the city one after another, the police security Foreign Affairs Bureau of the provincial cat mill Saneatsu (protraied by Kishitani Goro) ordered his subordinate Bustard Chak thirteen (protraied by Yasuda), Matsumiya clever (protraied by Ono Extension Lang) to track down the murderer, and gradually Bustard Chak locked the suspects in secretive magic master and servant. Universal butler Sebastian began continuous investigation, finally found the key to linking the two incidents clue "black invitation", but behind the black invitations is an absolutely can not freely enter forbidden world. In order to ascertain the truth, the Qingquan decided to break into uncharted territory, what happened next and how the terrible shady behind it.

•        Hiro Mizushima thought the role of the butler was perfect,and can not finish it,so refused to protray for many times.For persuading him,the director persuaded him for many times,After those they thought a way to ask Mizushima to assist screenwriter Black Rock Mian and design the script so that he can participate in the production, and fixed to attend the regular meeting of the crew. Until script near completion, producer reintroduced show invitation, Mizushima finally agreed to join, they spent a year and a half in the meanwhile.The original publisher provided a condition that the butler must be played by Hiro Mizushima. Producer proposed changes stage of the story time and background, except Sebastian roles all original. But Charles Adonis image is too classic, so its classic appearance is also extended to Qingxuan.Mizushima thought that "fat devil was really strange", so in order to achieve the goal of 50 kg body weight,he began weight loss program. Further, since lots of action scenes, he also received rigorous combat training.

•        Producer Matsubase true often goes abroad because of work, and therefore had heard  the most popular three Japanese comics are "One Piece" "Naruto" and "black deacon" in overseas and then had the idea of putting the comic onto screen. Hiro Mizushima involved it a lot, and also was invited to clip together, it is worth mentioning that his real name "KikoMo" is also included in the list of producers.The live version is always a thankless thing, like the Spring Festival Gala. The controversial live version Black Butler was finally released, a Japanese anime site interviewed the animated version of Sebastian Daisuke, he praised the film and said the film was good enough, also some"boast" were too far.Whatever the outcome of the live-action film,it can add more readers for comic Black Butler.Original manga in China was high popularity with,also the video was concerned by Chinese netizens. Box office performance was a little common, did not achieve a large outbreak. About reputation, the Japanese movie Yahoo site gives a moderate score of 3.45, it can be seen by the message of users, the main focus of the story is ungelivable, the set of Sebastian does not match the original.Black Butler is full of controversy, but the endless topic still makes many young people choose this popular comic book work from the cinemas.