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About Azumanga Daioh Chiyo Mihama

Published: Tuesday 20 September, 2016

Chiyo Mihama (mi-ha-ma-chi-yo)

Mihama Chiyo

Age: 10 (11 years after the Ninth words)

Height: 133cm

Intelligence: 200 or more

Imagination: 100

Motility: 30

Likeability: 100

Occupation: Student

Something like: friends; roasted snacks

Do something like: Yukari teacher at home, afraid of the car Yukari

Characteristics: Super Q cute expression; Special courtesy

 It was ten to skip entering high school genius girl, kind, cheerful personality, gentle and lovely, super good learning, every 100 points, she can not underestimate Oh! We know everything, or the squad leader, responsible for the cultural festival activities. Very rich family, lived in luxury and a seaside villa. And lovely people. Because people is small, so the dish very athletic, very easily deceived, are often bullied Achi, it is everyone's pistachios.

 Family is also very good, get up early every day to prepare lunch for themselves but also the way parents get called, is a typical good little as a year-old high school student, the only item not only good at sports, is characterized by the appearance of the hair tied into a crude about two crude summarized. The family kept a large white dog named Zhong Ji, after school, often with a thousand faithful guitar out for a walk.

 Prodigy, wealthy daughter, loli, it can not help to be pinched little face all day and shake ah Akira braids o> _ Index for students: 50% (it may cause psychological stress.)