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A uniform consists of a complete set of clothing

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

A uniform consists of a complete set of clothing, that is, headgear, outerwear, bodice, footwear as well as grades of service and, if applicable, orders. In addition to the employment or field uniform for the daily service exist different versions Cosplay Costumes
. For example, uniforms for representative events (uniforms, the so-called "first set", parade uniforms, galauniformes), special uniforms for areas of application (eg at sea, in the mountains, in the tropics, in deserts and forests) (Technical service, alpine operations, closed operations) or activities (armored combat aircraft, airborne combos, uniformed sports suit).

In the public sector, regulations are laid down for the individual areas (eg Uniform Ordinance (D), Bundeswehr: Zentrale Dienstvorschrift (ZDv) 37/10).

Coats of arms to be seen on uniforms are known as coat-of-arms, these are frequently marked with the name of the authorities.

Soldiers (eg uniforms of the Bundeswehr)

Police officers (unless police or civil servants are employed, see police uniform)

Customs officers of the German Federal Customs Administration in the Border Inspection and Border Inspection Service Amnesia
, in the Mobile Control Groups and in the Financial Inspections Schwarzarbeit.

law enforcement officers (both law enforcement officers and law enforcement officers, and part-time work in prisons)

members of the Technical Relief Society (THW)

members of the Federal Freight Transport Authority (BAG), e.g. During road inspections


Rescue service personnel

Security service

servants, eg maids, childminders, hotelpages, luggage carriers

Cooks and waiters (no uniform in the real sense)

Related trade maritime at sea, now only officers


Pathfinders, even if in the German self-understanding of a gulf or costume, is the internationally common name of the uniform.

Port captains in some countries

Uniforms are also worn in the transport sector, especially in the railways and post offices, with the military character being lost in favor of a more civilian appearance over the years Ancient Costume
. Today, pilots still wear uniforms that differ from airline to airline; They resemble parade uniforms of the Navy.