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07-Ghost Wiki

Published: Thursday 22 September, 2016

  • 07-Ghost (Jap. セ ブ ン ゴ ー ス ト, Sebun Gōsuto of English. Seven Ghost) is a manga Japanese illustrators Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara, who appears in Japan since 2005. The work was adapted as a radio play and anime series, beyond the branch 07-Ghost Children appeared. The manga is about a supernaturally gifted heir of a defunct empire, fighting against the forces that destroyed his country. He gets into the conflict between the evil god of death "Lost" and seven spirits.


  • The boy Teito Klein does not remember his past and has only repeatedly vague dreams of a man and a church. The slavery to escape when he was appointed to the Military Academy of Barsburg Teito. Teito can use the Zaiphon, a rare and valuable supernatural power. After a year at the Academy, he is together with his good friend Mikage the final exam. The two vow to stick together forever.

  • After testing Teito accidentally meets the Chief of Staff Ayanami. He remembers that it has murdered his father, from whom he was dreaming again. So he's trying to kill Ayanami, but is stopped and fixed. Using Mikage Teito can flee to the neighboring 7th district, where he finds asylum at seven bishops. He learns that his father, the king of Raggs, killed by Ayanami and the kingdom was destroyed by the bars Burger Empire. Ayanami sought the eye of Michael, which is owned by Teito now. Now Teito want to fight Barsburg and learn more about his past, but gets caught in the conflict between the evil god of death "Lost" and seven spirits.


  • The manga was first published by the publisher Ichijinsha from 2005 to January 2014 Japanese magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum. The individual chapters published in November 2005, in 17 anthologies. Go! Comi published the series in English, in German are since July 2010, 16 volumes in Egmont Manga and Anime appeared.

  • As of August 2010 an offshoot of the series was released in Japan, entitled 07-Ghost Children at the same publishing house, which reached an anthology. This was published in March 2013 in Egmont also in German.



  • 2007 radio play was published based on the manga titled Kamisama ni Todoku Koibumi on CD. In February 2009, followed by a second, 70-minute radio play.


  • 2009 Studio Deen produced a 25-episode anime series to manga. Directed by Nobuhiro Takamoto, the character design designed Maki Fujii and the artistic direction took Hirotsugu Kakoi. The series was on 7 April to 22 September 2009, after midnight (and thus at the previous TV day) broadcast in Japan from Chiba TV for the first time. This was followed by emanations at regional stations and AT-X.


  • The music of the series was composed by Kotaro Nakagawa. The bias is underlaid with the title Aka no Kakera (緋色 の カ ケ ラ) by Yuki Suzuki, the end credits song Hitomi no Kotae (瞳 の こ た え) of Noria.